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About Us

Talent Paradigm LLC

Talent Paradigm started as a vision that Lindsay Mustain had.
​Her idea was simple: treat candidates like customers. 
This meant providing candidates the same level of service as clients.
​Over time, she developed the initial model which became what Talent Paradigm is today.

We are a team of recruiters, hiring managers, Linkedin Thought Leaders,  and HR insiders from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google with more than 50 years experience in the industry. We leverage our years of combined Human Resources experience, in order to be able to specialize in assisting organizations to better understand the intersection of talent attraction strategies and competitor experience.


Our mission is to change the way candidates and employers approach the Candidate Experience, from Candidate Preparation and Development to partnering with employers to identify the best qualified and most elite candidates to join or progress in their organization. 

We approach Talent Development from the candidate perspective. We provide services that better prepare job seekers and candidates to better represent themselves and their abilities to potential employers.

Our candidate services include: resume writing, personal branding, interview prep, coaching, and talent development. 

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